DIY Acrylic Thread Slider Kit

DIY Acrylic Thread Slider Kit

Kit de acrílico para construcción de un CNC.


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Linear slide actuators are stationary rail frames with a motorized lead screw that slides a table in a straight line while carrying a load. They are most often refered to as an axis or plane of movement, quite often they are used in pairs to provide an XY movements at 90 degrees from each other. These axis are found in automated machinery(CNC),3 D printing and robotics with a host of other possible uses.

This positioner is made up of thick acrylic framework parts, and have round aluminum rails with a working length of 100 mm. They are 5 volt powered, use a M4 leadscrew and can be fitted with optional encoder wheel and sensor to track the tables position. These can be used for experiments in positioning,testing or whatever the imagination will allow. They stack easily and each kit contains the full parts to make an X or Y positioner. They are quiet, have excellent load carrying ability and are an inexpensive alternative for experimenting and education. These are also very lightweight. This kit can use the 1:48 or 1:120 ratio gearmotors.

Skill level 8 kit.(on a scale 1 easy to 10 difficult)

Package list

  • Encoder wheel x1
  • 155mm long M4 threaded rod x1
  • M4 hex nut x1
  • 146mm 6 mm aluminum rod x2
  • M2 screw x1
  • M2 nut x1
  • coupling flex tube x1
  • Micro-Speed Motor
  • M3*30mm screw x2
  • M3 Nut x2
  • 19 acrylic parts

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