Infrared Emitters and Detectors

Infrared Emitters and Detectors

Conjunto emisor y receptor infrarrojo de uso genérico como control remoto o sensado de objetos. Requieren de circuitos auxiliares para funcionar.


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Description: Side-looking Infrared Emitters and IR Detectors. These simple devices operate at 940nm and work well for generic IR systems including remote control and touch-less object sensing. Using a simple ADC on any microcontroller will allow variable readings to be collected from the detector. The emitter is driven up to 50mA with a current limiting resistor as with any LED device. The detect is a NPN transistor that is biased by incoming IR light.


Sold as a pair, with one Emitter and one Detector.

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OpenHacks (13/07/2015 - 15:36)

Si, puede servir, pero tenemos uno diseñado para este fin, que también demodula la señal:

Alejandro (12/07/2015 - 23:46)

Hola, el receptor puede servir con un control remoto stándar de TV?