SDS011 Laser Sensor PM2.5

SDS011 Laser Sensor PM2.5

El sensor SDS011 utiliza el principio de dispersión láser, puede obtener una concentración de partículas entre 0,3 y 10 μm en el aire. Con salida digital y ventilador incorporado, es estable y confiable.


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The SDS011 using principle of scattering,can get the particle concentration between 0.3 to 10um in the air. 
It with digital output and built-in fan is stable and reliable. 

1. Accurate and Reliable: detection, stable, good consistency; 
2. Quick response: response time is less than 10 seconds when the scene changes; 
3. Easy integration: UART output (or IO output can be customized), fan built-in; 
4. High resolution: resolution of 0.3ug/m3. 

Scope of application: 

  • PM2.5 Detector 
  • Purifier 
  • Air Exchangers 
  • Filtering system 

Working principle: 
Using scattering principle: 
Light scattering can be induced when particles go through the detecting area. 
The scattered light is transformed into electrical signals and these signals will be amplified and processed. 
The number and diameter of particles can be obtained by analysis because the signal waveform has certain relations with the particles diameter.


Technical Parameters:

Communication protocol: 
Serial communication protocol: 
00 8N1. (Rate of 
00, data bits 8, parity none, stop bits 1) 
Serial report communication cycle: 1+0.5 seconds 
Data frame (10 bytes): message header + order+ data(6 bytes) + checksum + messag





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