Monitor ECG de tamaño compacto basado en el chip nRF51822. Acepta comandos AT para control y posee interfaz de salida UART y Bluetooth de bajo consumo, permitiendo monitoreo desde un celular a través de una app. Se alimenta con 3.3V.

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MicroECG is an ECG monitoring module based on nRF51822 BLE chip and BL1860 ECG chip, which can transport heart information through either UART or BLE. Users can control nRF51822 via AT Commands. Also, they can use the open-source software to develop their own firmware, making it to support more functions.

The heart information includes row data and the heart rate. The row data is the result of ADC detection, representing the strength of heart beat. The row data can be used to draw ECG directly. And the heart rate is the result of calculation with the row data.

This ECG module is easy to use. Data can be transported through either UART or BLE. When the switch on the board is set to the BLE side, data can be transported through BLE. In this case, one can use app on one’s phone to receive the heart rate from this module. When the switch on the board is set to the UART side, data can be transported through UART. In this case, one can control the board with some AT commands.




PCB_Size 22mm X 26mm X 1.6mm
Input Voltage (vcc) 3.3V 
Microprocessor nRF51822
Interface UART, BLE



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