Feeling Sensors Pack IIC Utility

Feeling Sensors Pack IIC Utility

Mide presión y luz con ésta pequeña placa que ofrece además la posibilidad de poder soldarle un sensor de humedad AM2322 (no incluido). Posee interfaz I2C.


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On Board Sensors:

  • BMP280 Pre-mounted on the board.
  • BMP280 -> Barometer, altitude:
    • Barometric pressure measurement range: 300 to 1100 hPa (half pascals)
    • Pressure measurement error: ±1hPa
    • Resolution: 0.16Pa
  • BMP280 -> Temperature:
    • Temperature measurement range: 0°C~65°C
    • Temperature measurement error: ±0.5°C ~ ±1°C
    • Resolution: 0.01°C
  • BH1750 Light Pre-mounted on the board:
    • Illumination range:0-65535 lx
    • Sensor built-in 16bitAD converter
    • Direct digital output, omitting complex calculations, omission of calibration
    • Does not distinguish between ambient light sources
    • Spectral characteristics close to visual sensitivity
    • High-precision measurement of 1 lux for a wide range of brightness
  • AM2322 NOT Pre-mounted on the board, optionally mounted by yourself:
  • AM2322 -> Tempearture:
    • Range: 40 ~ 80 degree C
    • Error: +- 0.5 C
    • Resolution: +- 0.1 C
  • AM2322 -> Huminidty:
    • Range: 0~99.99 %RH
    • Error: +- 3 %RH
    • Resolution: 0.1 % RH

Board Features:

  • On board 5V to 3.3V regulator, can supply power 5V or 3.3V. LDO supply up to 500mA/16V.
  • On board logic shifter, logic level complaint 5V or 3.3V signal.
  • IIC interface, cascadable design, can connect as many IIC devices as you want.
  • All module fully tested before send.
  • Interface:
    • 3.3V GND, SCL, SDA (3.3V logic)
    • CS CS|5 ADR: chip select pin, address pin of BMP280
    • 5V GND, SCL SDA (5V logic)
    • another group – 3.3V GND, SCL, SDA (3.3V logic)
  • Arduino demo code please see here. Schematic see here.


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