5V/12V 8 Channel USB Relay Module

5V/12V 8 Channel USB Relay Module

Módulo relé de 5v de 8 canales con interfaz USB. Se alimenta con tensiones de 5V a 30V. Basado en el chip ULN2803. Incluye cable USB.

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Module Description:

The module uses a parallel FIFO FTDI's bi-directional data transfer USB chip, For microprocessor which provides 8-bit parallel data bus D0~D7, For external host is a standard serial bus or virtual interface, Maximum data transfer rate of up to 1MB/s, Provide USB 1.1/2.0 full speed physical interface specifications, Support UHCI/OHCI/EHCI host controller. PC with a time delay function.


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1. Onboard USB B interface.
2. Using parallel FIFO bi-directional data transfer USB controller chip.
3. Use the special relay driver chip ULN2803, more stable relay.
4. Use SONGLE relay.
5. High quality PCB board production.

Product parameters:

1. Input voltage: DC 5-30V.
2. Input current: more than 800Ma.
3. Wiring: NC / COM / NO.
4. Relay parameters: the maximum you can control AC 250V 10A and DC 30V 10A.
5. product Ambient temperature: 0-80 Centigrade.
6. Product Dimensions: length 92.5mm, width 70.5mm, height 20mm.
7. Positioning hole size: 88mmx66mm, 3.2mm aperture.
8. Product life: 1 million times.

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