128 X 64 Dot-matrix 3.3V COG LX-12864L-1 LCD Display Module

128 X 64 Dot-matrix 3.3V COG LX-12864L-1 LCD Display Module

Display LCD LX-12864L-1 de 128x64 pixeles de tipo monocromo. Puede mostrar desde caracteres y símbolos hasta imágenes. Se alimenta con 3.3V y es posible comunicarse por SPI.


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The LX-12864L-1 LCD Module is tiny size, easy to use, clear displaying, it can be widely used in various human-computer exchange panel. It can display 128 columns x 64 rows of dot matrix monochrome images, or display 16 rows x 8 rows of 8x8 dot matrix words, numbers and symbol. The display module can meet different requirements due to its strong input instructions can be combined into a variety of inputs.
It can be widely used in various instrumentations, such as PM2.5 detector, car drive recorder, POS credit card machines, time and attendance systems, access control system.


  • Can be equipped with backlight (with a retaining wall back, with a fixed column at the bottom).
  • Interface is simple and convenient, can use 4-wire SPI serial interface.
  • Choose special compensation liquid crystal, please select green backlight if you use it in the sun, the other on the selection of white backlight.
  • Power consumption is low, 5mW without backlight, not more than 100mW with backlight.
  • The command function is strong, it can form various inputs.
  • The screen is backlight, provides uniform brightness.


  • Low power consumption: 5-100mW
  • Working voltage: DC 3.3V
  • Working temperature: -20℃ to + 70℃
  • Working life: 50000 hours
  • Display mode: STN, translucent (clear font)
  • Size: 53 mm x 40mm
  • LCD process: COG (chip on glass)

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  • 128 X 64 Dot-matrix 3.3V COG LX-12864L-1 LCD Display Module x 1

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