EB8635 EB8645 Bluetooth BT4.0 Audio Board - EB8635 Breakout Board

EB8635 EB8645 Bluetooth BT4.0 Audio Board - EB8635 Breakout Board

Placa de audio estéreo Bluetooth V4.0 basada en el CSR8635. Posee pulsadores para reproducción de pistas de audio y es posible enlazarla a un celular (control desde el celular), entre otras funciones. Además es posible la conexión de un amplificador de audio externo.


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EX8635 based on CSR8635 IC (green board), Stereo audio, can connect to phone device. 


  • Model CSR8645/8635.
  • Bluetooth specification Bluetooth V4.0.
  • Modulation GFSK, π / 4 DQPSK, 8DPSK.
  • Supply voltage DC3.3-4.2V, ≤3.0V automatic shutdown, ≤3.2V alarm.
  • Bluetooth protocol HFPV1.6, A2DPV1.2, AVRCPV1.4, HSPV1.2.
  • Working current ≤30mA for 8645, ≤13mA for 8635.
  • Standby current
  • Temperature range -40ºC ~ + 85ºC.
  • Wireless transmission range ≤10 meters.
  • Transmission power support Class1 / Class2 / Class3 maximum adjustable 9dbm for 8645, and 8dbm for 8635.
  • Sensitivity -80dBm <0.1% BER.
  • Frequency Range 2.4GHz ~ 2.480GHz.
  • External Interface USB (USB sound card).
  • Audio performance supports ACC, MP3, SBC, APT-X decoder.
  • Audio SNR ≥75dB.
  • Distortion ≤0.1%.
  • Module size 26.2x13.5x0.8mm for 8645 and 24.5x14.1x2.0mm for 8635.
  • Adapter plate size 31x25mm for 8645 and 29x24mm for 8635.
  • Keys: There are five function keys: PLAY, VOL +, VOL-, PREV, NEXT.
  • LED: pairing status, dual-lamp flash alternately, paired, single lamp flashes;
  • USB sound card function (tested, sound pretty good, but note: USB sound card and Bluetooth can not work simultaneously.);
  • 3.2V low power alarm, 3.0V automatic shutdown, (can support AMS1117 power supply);
  • The maximum charging current is set to 150MA (for 8635), or 250MA (for 8645), light off one led and turn on other one when charging finished.
  • Stay pairing status when not paired
  • Can simultaneously connect two phones (the only way: boot automatically chainback last paired phone, the penultimate pairing the phone will need to manually connect);
  • External amplifier mute pin available. When Bluetooth is muted, after a period of time, output low; when the module is playing, the output high (1.8V).


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