GPD2856C MP3 Decoder and Play Board, w/Amplifier

GPD2856C MP3 Decoder and Play Board, w/Amplifier

Módulo decodificador MP3. El mismo puede reproducir archivos MP3 ya sea desde una MicroSD o un Pendrive. Posee un amplificador de 2W integrado de tipo Mono de alta calidad, brindando además la posibilidad de poder ser conectado a un amplificador externo, o bien directo a un Speaker, Auricular, etc. Provee de pulsadores para funciones de reproducción, volumen, etc. Se alimenta con tensiones de 3.7 ~ 5.5V.


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This MP3 decoder board can play MP3 files from a USB flash drive or from a MicroSD flash memory card. The player has decent sound quality, an on-board 2W mono amplifier, and can be directly connected to a speaker. It also features a 3.5mm gold plated headphone jack that can connect headphones or an external audio amplifier.


  • Super quality, onboard 2W mono amplifier (5V supply up to 3W) directly connected to the speaker (Recommended with 4Ω/3W speakers).
  • 3.5mm gold plated headphone jack can be connected to headphones or an external  amplifier board.
  • With MicroUSB power supply interface, the use of mobile power supply or USB charger powered via phone lines, may also be 3.7V lithium battery, USB 5V power supply.
  • Support TF card (memory card in your phone), USB disk playback mode.
  • Screw speaker terminals without soldering for easy connection to speakers (in Mono).
  • Module is designed to facilitate modification.
  • Can be easily connected to power amplifier board. i.e.['galeria']/5/
  • Power range: 3.7 ~ 5.5V.
  • Size: 45mm x 36mm. 


  • It supports MP3 format, power automatically play when playing red LED status updates.
  • Flash disk support (tested 32G), TF card (tested 16G) Play mode; the default power mode TF card, TF card is not present if the automatic jump to U disk mode, and both devices have installed, you can manually set the playback mode, details key instructions.
  • Button to adjust up and down the track switch, volume + -, pause / play, mode switching, details key instructions.
  • Key settings can be “single / whole song” cycle, the default power cycle the whole song, press the “Repeat” button to replace the circulation mode.

Button Operations:

  • “Prev / V–” button: “Press” for the switch “on a” song, “long press” is “volume Decrease”
  • “Next / v ++” button: “Press” for the switch “next song” Song, “long press” is “volume .increment”
  • “P / P / Mode” button: “Press” for the “Play / Pause” switch, “long press” U-disk, TF card. “pattern”
  • “Repeat” button: “Press” for the “single / whole song” to cycle (no long press function).


  • “Long press” for about 2S.
  • If you use U disk mode, it is recommended 5V power supply, and some U disk does not support 3.7V power supply.

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