1602 LCD IIC-Interface Converter Board

1602 LCD IIC-Interface Converter Board

Adaptador que permite controlar un Display LCD de 16x2 mediante interfaz I2C. Se alimenta con tensiones entre 2.5V-6V.


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Almost every electronics enthusiast has run into pin issues with 1602 or the like LCDs. This module has a PCF8574T onboard which reduces the number of data pins needed to control the LCD down to 2! This excludes the power/ground pins which are also required.There is an onboard potentiometer to control the LCD backlight and a jumper to disable it completely.

Simply the interface of 1602 to IIC, save more IOs, with this board you only need two IOs. 

Product info:

  • Supply voltage: 2.5-6V.
  • 41.5mm (length) * 19mm (W) * 15.3mm (height).
  • IIC I2C Interface.
  • For all standard 5V 16 Chars, 2 Lines and 20 Chars, 4 Lines LCD.
  • PCF8574T Driver.
  • Connector Pins: SDA / SCL / VCC / GND.
  • Potentiometer for Contrast.
  • Disable Backlight by jumper.
  • Arduino-Library LiquidCrystalI2C available.
  • Arduino IDE Example.
  • Size: 40mm x 18mm.
  • Contrast back light can be adjusted by rotating the blue potentiometer, clockwise to increase, counterclockwise weakened. Potentiometer design on the front, enabling customers to freely adjust anytime.
  • 4-wire output.
  • Modules can be cascaded up to cascade 8. By short-circuiting A0/A1/A2 modify the device address. The default address is 0x27.
  • With backlight power control, can be connected via jumper settings are backlight power. Plug the jumper to connect the backlight off, unplug the jumper to disconnect the backlight power. 


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