2.54MM 1X40 40P 40Pin Female Pin Header Strip

2.54MM 1X40 40P 40Pin Female Pin Header Strip

Header hembra de 40 pines con separación de 2.54mm.


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This connector is a single-row, 40-pin, straight male header strip that can be cut or broken into smaller strips. This strip has a standard-color (black) plastic base; other colors are available for those looking to add some character (or color-coded connections) to their projects.

These 0.1″/2.54mm-pitch header strips are commonly used as low-cost connectors. The standard spacing allows use with solderless breadboards, perforated prototyping PCBsfemale headers, and our premium and pre-crimped jumper wires. The single-row header strips can easily be snapped into smaller strips to fit your application. The double- and triple-row strips can also be broken into smaller strips, but it takes a little more effort, and it is sometimes easier to use wire/diagonal cutters.


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