MAX7456 Breakout On Screen Display

Breakout Board for MAX7456 On Screen Display

Placa breakout para el integrado MAX7456, que permite insertar líneas de caracteres monocromos en una señal de video (OSD: on screen display). Se comunica con cualquier micro que tenga interfaz SPI.


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Description: This is a breakout board for the Maxim MAX7456  monochrome on-screen display chip. The board is set up with all supporting circuitry and RCA connectors to allow the user to easily interrupt and overlay text and/or graphics onto a video signal (PAL or NTSC). Just plug in your video signal to "Video In", plug your TV into "Video Out", connect a microcontroller to the SPI interface and supply the board with 5V@100mA (worst case) and you're good to go. Supplied sample code runs on an ATMega168/328 (16MHz) and compiles with WinAVR, so it's just about "plug-and-play" with an Arduino board.


  • Input voltage 5V
  • Current consumption 100mA, worst case
  • 5V SPI interface

Dimensions: 1.8x0.9"

Weight: 0.30 ounces, 8.6 grams

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