Stackable 0.100 inch Female Header: 2x13-pin, Straight

Stackable 0.100 inch Female Header: 2x13-pin, Straight

Header tipo hembra de 2x13 pines, con separación de 0.1 pulgadas entre pines. Diseñado para Raspberry Pi.

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This stackable 26-pin female header features two rows of 13 pins spaced with a standard 0.1″ (2.54 mm) pitch; this spacing is the same as on most solderless breadboards and matches 0.1″ male header strips. The extended pins allow multiple units to be stacked as popularized on Arduino shields, enabling removable daughter boards that can access pins without blocking them. The 2×13 size is notably used on the Raspberry Pi Model A and Model B.



Dimensions (in mm) of straight stackable 0.100″ female headers.


The total width is 33.5 mm.

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