12V 10W DC Micro Hydro Generator Tap Water Flow Hydraulic DIY

12V 10W DC Micro Hydro Generator Tap Water Flow Hydraulic DIY

Micro Generador hidroeléctrico. Ofrece una salida máxima de 12 V regulada. Ideal para cargar dispositivos electrónicos pequeños, como un celular.


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Micro hydro generator, the potential energy conversion of the water into electrical energy mechanical equipment.
It can be directly to the small battery charge. it can charge mobile phone, 12V radio power, power supply for LED lights, etc.

1.Output type:

DC 12V regulated output,supply power for 12V radio, LED light and so on.

2. Technical conditions:

  • Maximum output voltage :12 V.
  • The output voltage :12V.
  • between the wire resistance: 10.5 ± 0.5Ω.
  • Insulation resistance :10MΩ (DC100 megger).
  • the maximum pressure: 0.6Mpa outlet closed.
  • the outlet opening maximum pressure :1.2Mpa.
  • Start pressure :0.05Mpa.
3.Mechanical properties and the operating environment:

  • Appearance: generator surface clean , no rust, no scratches when significant , solid structure. 
  • Axial clearance 0.2-1.0mm.
  • Techanical noise ≤55dB.
  • The amount of the Generator : 90g around.
  • Generator life : ≥3000h.


1.There are two types of lithium batteries on the market , with a charge management chip , a chip without charge management , lithium battery needs charging management chip electrical impulse, or prone to explosion.
2.Standard home water pipe dimensions:Outer diameter is 20mm.Inside diameter is 13mm.

Package include:
  • 1 x Micro Hydro Generator 12v. 

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