Rele 12v-1000mA con accionamiento a control remoto Wireless. Funciona tanto en forma de Transmisor como receptor a una frecuencia de 433 MHz.


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  •  Operating voltage: 11-12.5V (input) VCC: Connect the power supply positive GND: Connect the power supply negative
  •  Operating current: about 180mA (relay pull state)
  •  Static operating current: 8mA or so (relay release state)
  • Receiver size: Approx. 65x 56x23mm/ 2.56x 2.20x 0.87inch (with housing, housing with 3mm screw hole)
  • Scope of application: water pump, light bar, lamp, home appliances, machinery and equipment, mechanical switch, roll gate, shutter curtain, etc.
  • Module type: 433MHz learning wireless access module


  • Material: FR4 Fiberglass Board
  • Size: Approx. 65x 56x 23mm / 2.56x 2.20x 0.87inch
  • Receiving distance: between 50-1000 meters (can through the wall)
  •  Working mode: self-locking, jogging two kinds of work modules (four-way each road can be independently set to self-locking or jog)
  • Work instructions: D5 (power indicator), D1-D4 (relay switch indicator), D6 (learning indicator)
  •  Output mode: normally opened (CK), common (COM), normally closed (CB) (Note: normally closed and common in the normal state is connected, so that the output of the module is used as a switch; The switch is often used when the closed end is usually not used, only the normally open and common)


 First, learning methods:

  1.  Press the learning button S1, immediately release, immediately press and hold S1 (faster), learning light D6 flash 1, and then release the S1 key; hold the need to learn the remote control button, learning instructions Light flash 2, to prove the first road to study success
  2.  Other three way to learn the same way, 2 Road 3 Road 4, respectively, corresponding to the keys S2, S3, S4;


 Second, the wireless function to clear the method:

  1. Power off state, hold down S1-S4 any one learning button, and then power, learning light flashing 4, the release button that the module 4-way all clear the success
  3.  Third, Self-locking and jogging function conversion instructions (4-way each is set independently, the same way)
  4. Jog: power state, press and hold the learning button after the power, learning indicator D6 flash 2, the release button, this time set to jog output.
  5. Self-locking: power state, press the learning button after power, learning indicator D6 flash 3, the release button, this time set to self-locking lock output.


Package Includes:

  • 1 Piece Wireless Switch Module
  • 1 Piece Remote control

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