Bluetooth IO Control Board EDR 2.0, BLK_IO


Modulo bluetooth compatible con el BC-04, HC-05 y otros módulos bluetooth 2.0 SPP.


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  • On Board classic EDR 2.0 SPP bluetooth module, EDY-30, compatible with BC-04, HC-05 and all other in market bluetooth 2.0 SPP modules.
  • On board cheap control MCU STM8S, you can also program it again by yourself.
  • On board 5V-3.3V power supply
  • On board (backside) status LED, indicating connection status.
  • Compatible size, easily embedded to your project.


  • Commands control to turn on / off GPIOs.
  • N3 turn pin 3 HIGH TTL
  • F3 turn pin 3 LOW TTL
  • Recommanded android SPP APP: Bluetooth SPP Pro
  • Supported pin 3 – pin 9, pin 0, pin A, pin B, pin C, totally 11 pins.
  • AT commands support when module NOT paired, when paired you can control IOs by commands.


  • Please notice pin 1, pin 2 is not used, not same usage as other pins, better not use.
  • For your further programming in case, Bluetooth status pin (low when not paired, high when paired) is connected to pin 8 (PD3)

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