Traveling Nut for TR8x8(P2) Threaded Rods


Tuerca de rosca trapezoidal de 4 filetes, con paso efectivo de 8mm por vuelta, para varillas roscadas T8. Dispone de 4 orificios roscados para tornillos M3.

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This copper alloy traveling nut (also known as a carriage nut) features a mounting flange with four holes threaded for M3 screws. It is intended for use with Tr8×8(P2)leadscrews, which are 8 mm-diameter rods with four independent trapezoidal threads spaced 2 mm apart. One full revolution of such a rod will result in a 8.0 mm linear displacement of the traveling nut.

Please note that the nut is not spring loaded, so changes in direction will result in loss of positioning precision due to backlash.

Dimensions for this nut are shown in the diagram below,  Units are mm:



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