Mini430 Dev Board, MSP430F149

Mini430 Dev Board, MSP430F149

Placa de desarrollo basada en el microcontrolador MSP430F149; incluye conector para el transceptor inalámbrico NRF24L01.


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Please notice the on board USB-UART (BSL) IC is PL2303HX, may have compatiblity issues for WIN7 and all above. Using old version driver can work.


  • MSP430f149 (mini430) mini development board
  • Male to Male extension cable
  • Onboard Resources:
  • Onboard USB BSL program download PL2303HX, you can download the program for itself or other board. High quality capactiors.
  • Comes with 2 independent button input.
  • Onboard manual reset button.
  • Wireless NRF24L01 connector
  • Comes with 4 test LEDs
  • Buzzer circuit, can be used to play music
  • Provide 32.768KHZ and 8MHZ two crystal connection
  • Using standard JTAG interface (14-pin), support hardware simulation.
  • All IO ports (including AD power, etc.) are led (not welded pin, can be up or down welding).
  • Provide 3.3v and 5v output power supply pin.
  • The board itself can be completed part of the experiment, also be directly inserted into the use of protoyping board, expand more features.


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