2.2 TFT LCD display 176X220


Display LCD TFT de 2.2" y 176x220 con interfaz SPI. Se puede alimentar con 5V o 3.3V.


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  • Module with regulator IC, and support 3.3V/5V power.
  • Contain power conversion module, perfectly compatible 3.3V/5V I/O interface, support a variety of microcontroller interface
  • With SD card, digital photo frame and other experiments can be done
  • Integrated backlight control module, you can close the backlight or use PMW to adjust the backlight brightness
  • Reserved SPI FLASH interface, Easy to expand

11PIN Standard wiring used IO:

1. VCC--Power supply (5V/3.3V)

2. GND-- Power supply (GND)

3. GND-- Power supply (GND)

4. NC--No connect

5. NC--No connect

6. LED-- Pick IO control back light off or PWM brightness control

7. CLK--SPI clock signal

8. SDI--Serial data input pin

9. RS--Command (RS=0)/ Parameter (RS=1)

10. RST--Reset pin

11. CS-- Chip selection pin

5 PIN Expand wiring used IO:

1. SD_CS--SD Cars chip selection pin

2. SD_MOSI--MOSI input

3. SD_MISO--MISO output

4. SD_SCK-- SPI clock signal

5. F_CS-- SPI FLASH signal

LCD screen parameters:

Resolution: 176x220

Driver IC: ILI9225

Package Include:

1* 2.2" Serial 176x220 SPI TFT LCD Module with SD Socket



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