10pcs PCB micro drill 1mm - Shank diameter: 3.175mm 1.0*10.5

10pcs PCB micro drill 1mm - Shank diameter: 3.175mm 1.0*10.5

Kit de 10 Micro-mechas de alta eficiencia y precisión para perforación de PCB. Poseen un diámetro de 1 mm con base de 3.175mm.

COD: HTHR0309-43

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Product Features:

  • High-precision equipment, precision machining, with good milling and cutting performance, to ensure high efficiency;
  • High hardness, wear-resistant, resistant to bending; resistance is small; smooth chip removal, reduce heat and reduce pollution;
  • Sharp cutting edge, reducing cutting force, reduce the fracture rate, improve the hole wall quality; contribute to effective cutting, to avoid drilling drift.
  • Long service life, under normal working conditions depth 2000-5000 holes, 100% new, high quality.
  • Drill blade diameter 0.1mm-6.5mm Shank diameter: 1/8 (3.175 mm)

Processing: Widely used in PCB circuit board, CNC, SMT, electronics, mold, sculpture, aviation, plastics, handicrafts, jewelry, communication engineering, metal processing and other industries.



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