Energy Meter HLW8012 Breakout Board


Breakout que sirve para medir la energía de una fase basado en el circuito integrado HLW8012. Sensado de corriente mediante shunt. ATENCION: LOS BORNES REQUIEREN SER CONECTADOS A 220V, EL CIRCUITO NO ESTA AISLADO DE LA RED, NO UTILIZAR CON ARDUINO O MICROS CONECTADOS A UNA PC!!!


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The HLW8012 is single phase energy monitor chip by the chinese manufacturer HLW Technology. It features** RMS current**, **RMS voltage** sampling and **RMS active power** with an internal clock and a PWM interface in a SOP-8 package.

The HWL8012 is a 5V IC that monitors both voltage and current and output RMS voltage, current and active power encoded as a 50% duty cycle square wave where the frequency is proportional to the magnitude.


Current is measured by a differential potential measure across a milli-ohm copper-manganese resistor in series with the main current flow. The differential potential is fed into pins VIP and VIN. The resistor must be such than the wave in VIP-VIN peaks at 43.75mV maximum. A 1milliohm resistor is well suited to measure currents up to ~30A with a dissipation of less than 1W.

Voltage is measured in the same way but since the V2P pin supports up to 495mV RMS signals the potential has to be scaled down. The HLW8012 datasheet recommends a voltage divider of 6 470kOhm resitors upstream and a 1kOhm resistor downstream. That means a scale factor of 2821 that will convert a 230V RMS into 82mV that falls waaaay below the limit.


  • Based on HLW8012, single phase energy monitor IC. SOP8 package and simple perpherial circuits.
  • Need to invasive to AC main power. Be very careful when use it because of the HIGH AC voltage.
  • Output power, or current or voltage directly by frequency, which can be read by MCU like arduino.
    • Current sense by sample resistor
    • voltage sense by resistors net.


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