AVR Minimum System Development Board ISP+JTAG Atmega16 Atmega32 (NO Chip)


Sistema mínimo AVR (zócalo ZIF más componetes auxiliares), requiere de un programador ISP o JTAG para chips Atmega 16 y Atmega 32 (no incluidos).

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1. Placed directly Atemga16/32 microcontroller, using DIP40 locking seat facilitate pick and place chips;
2. 8-channel LED can be used for light water experiment;
3. One standard onboard reset button reset circuit;
4. One standard ISP download interface, with USB-ISP for online download, and through the programming power supply input;
5. One standard JTAG emulation interface, with USB-JTAG emulator for online, and through the emulator power supply input;
6. All IO port pin to form leads to facilitate external use;
7. Left two set of power output or input pin for easy external accessories to the board to take power or internal power supply;
8. Onboard 8MHz quartz crystal quality can easily replace;
9. Onboard power switch for easy programming;
10. All marked clearly neat and easy to use

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