Full color LED module


Placa que incluye 8 leds RGB, conectados de manera matricial (8 columnas x 3 colores).


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Full Color SCM LED Module

Excellent PCB design, very beautiful.
8 tri-color (red, green and blue) full-color LED, scanning control mode.
Different with digital tube control method, segment control the corresponding LED lights, bit control color.
Different program can be generated different colors change effect.
Suitable for a variety of platforms such as 51 / AVR / AVR / ARM / Arduino

A demo with Arduino:

The 8-pin D0 ~ D7 respectively to control 8 LED, so as long as the corresponding digital connected with arduino pin (as long as we turn this experiment received 2 to 9 pin). Also it has three pin RGB, needs to connected with GND, connected with R is red light, connected with G is green light, B is blue light, connected the three pins simultaneously, they will all light up.


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