3.2 inch TFT LCD Screen Module 320x480

3.2 inch TFT LCD screen module Ultra HD 320X480 for Arduino MEGA 2560 R3 Board

Display 3.2" TFT LCD 320X480 para Arduino MEGA 2560 R3


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3.2 Inch 320 X 480 TFT LCD Display Module Support Arduino Mega2560


3.2 Inch TFT LCD with 262K color 480x 320 resolutions.The controller of this LCD module is HX8357B, it supports 16-wires DataBus interface.Moreover, this module includes the 5V-3.3V power conversion circuit and Level conversion circuit, This Module can Directly inserted into the Arduino Mega2560 Board ,it also includes the SD card socket and SPI FLASH circuit

Firmware link!!!


Support Arduino Mega2560 Directly inserted
With Full-angle IPS TFT panel
OnBorad level conversion chip for 5V/3.3V MCU
Compatible with 3.3/5V operation voltage level
Compatible with Arduino-Series development Board.
(Please notice:This Screen is not touch screen)
Provided 12-examples with Arduino ,3-examples with STM32
With SD Card Socket
With SPI FLASH circuit


Display Type:  3.2 inch a-si TFT LCD Module
Glass Type:  TFT IPS(Full-Angle)
Display Resolution:  480 X RGB X 320 Pixels
Back light:  6 chip HighLight white LEDs
Control IC:  ILI9481
Interface:  16Bit parallel interface
PCB Module size:  89.92mm X 54.25mm
LCD Area(WxHxT):  50.74mm X 78.35mm X 1.88mm
Active Area(WxH):  67.68mm X 45.12mm

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