Arduino ETHERNET shield 2 WITH PoE

Arduino ETHERNET shield 2 WITH PoE

Shield ethernet para Arduino basado en W5500.

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Arduino™ Ethernet Shield 2 without PoE

The Arduino™ Ethernet Shield 2 allows an Arduino™ board to connect to the Internet as well as read and write on a microSD card.
The shield is simply mounted on an Arduino™ board, for example on the Arduino™ Uno or since this version also on the Arduino™ Mega. Other shields can be stacked right on top of the Ethernet shield, allowing for optimum functionality integration in designs.
Connect the shield to your computer or a network hub/router via a standard Ethernet cable.

• W5500 Ethernet chip
• Slot for microSD card/card reader
• Reset controller
• RJ45 Ethernet jack
• 5 status LEDs
• Dimensions: 6.86 x 5.33 cm


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