DE-9 (DB-9) Female Socket Connector to Terminal Block Breakout

DE-9 (DB-9) Female Socket Connector to Terminal Block Breakout

Breakout de conector DB-9 hembra, con borneras para simplificar su uso.

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Make your own custom DE-9 cable or DE-9 interface with ease, using this DE-9 Socket to Terminal Block Breakout. You get a nice solid PCB with an DE-9 socket and two strips of terminal blocks that you can use with stranded or solid core wire to quickly assemble your own wiring jigs.

Perfect for when you need a non-standard wiring setup or interfacing to an older device with one of these connectors

Sometimes DE-9 connectors are referred to as DB-9. Technically that's the wrong name, but its so ingrained that most people only know the connector as DB-9.

Comes with one fully assembled breakout and a clip-on housing.

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