Placa de desarrollo con comunicación NFC (Near Field Communication) compatible con Arduino


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Keyduino is an Arduino compatible development board with built-in NFC (Near-Field Communication). This board will be the bridge that helps you wirelessly interact with your environment, drive motors, unlock strikes, control relays, read from a temperature sensor and all thanks to built in NFC connectivity, right out of the box. Since the KeyDuino is based on the Arduino Leonardo (ATMEGA32U4) all code that runs on an Arduino Leonardo can also run on a KeyDuino. The board was designed by Pierre CHARLIER from the CITC EURARFID and manufactured by ELECROW for a KickStarter campaign?


  • Same size as an Arduino Leonardo
  • Uses NXP PN532 chip for NFC
  • Includes KeyDuino library
  • Processor : ATMEGA 32u4
  • Input Voltage (Jack) – 7-12volts
  • On board 5v & 3.3v regulator
  • GPIO Pins – 20
  • Analog input channels – 12
  • DC Current per I/O Pin - 40 mA

Package list

  • KeyDuino with USB cable x 1
  • KeyDuino NFC tags (NTAG213) x 2
  • Deported antenna with cable x 1


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