3.2 Width 400*240 TFT LCM: TFT01_3.2W TFT01_3.2WD

3.2 Width 400*240 TFT LCM: TFT01_3.2W TFT01_3.2WD

Display LCD TFT con TouchScreen y zócalo SD.

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TFT01_3.2WD is a TFT LCD Screen Module, 40pins interface, not just a LCD break but include the Touch, SD card and Flash design. So it's a powerful extension module for your project

Now we provide 400x240 TFT01_3.2WD LCD module used HX8352 for driver IC to replace ILI9327. So you need to use new driver IC's init code to replace ILI9327 init code in demo and library.


  • Screen: 262K Colors
  • Driver IC: HX8352, replace of ILI9327
  • High Quality Complete LCD Touch screen Complete Module.
  • LCD screen + Touch Screen, with LCD amp; Touch Screen Controller.
  • 8051 / AVR / PIC low power controller can also drive this LCD easily.
  • High portability! Increase development efficiency amp; lower development cost.7

And we have TFT01 Arduino MEGA shield(Recommand), you can directly plug the TFT01 LCD module in the shield and stand on the Arduino board.

There is a very excellent and powerful enhance Graphic library which written by Henning Karlsen Fully compatible with TFT01 LCD module and TFT01 Arduino Shield. The library is quite a bit faster, and also include more functions. Please reference post from here

Note: TFT01_3.2W is only 16bit mode.


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