Freaduino MP3 Music Shield SHDMP3

Freaduino MP3 Music Shield SHDMP3

Shield reproductor de MP3, con zócalo SD y Joystick.

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The Freaduino MP3 music player shield is based on VS1053b IC. The VS1053b chip can be used to decode MP3/WAV/MIDI/Ogg/Vorbis format audio file. The MP3 music player shield has SD card socket and a 4 direction Joystick w/ multifunction switch support Vol-/Vol+/Next/Previous/Pause. Its can play a variety of music formats stored on MicroSD cards with Arduino Library. 

Its also support I2C LCD display. You can easily use it with our library.

Note :Recording is only supported on Freaduino Mega and Arduino Mega for now. 


  • Arduino/Freaduino, Arduino Mega, and Freaduino Mega compatible
  • 2 control-push buttons and 1 knob switch
  • Plays music from micro SD cards Decodes:MP3,WAV,MIDI,Ogg Vorbis
  • I2S interface for external DAC
  • Headphone/Line Out for playback
  • Line In for recording in OGG format
  • Excellent sound quality with +-1dB Frequency Response
  • FCC verification

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