RaspiRobot Board v3

RaspiRobot Board v3

Shield para control de pequeños motores con Raspberry Pi

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A simple to use motor shield for the Raspberry Pi. This board is designed to simplify the process of making small roving robots using a Raspberry Pi. 


  • Dual bi-directional motor control using TB6612FNG dual H-bridge
  • Dual open drain 2A MOSFET outputs
  • Socket for HC-SRo4 Rangfinder
  • Socket for 5V 12C Interface
  • Provides 5V regulated power to Raspberry Pi (efficient SMPS)
  • 2 x user controllable LEDs
  • 2 x header pins for switches
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Open Source Python Software library
  • Screw terminals for motor connections
  • Compatible with Pi, B+, A+, Pi2


Electrical Characteristics
For characteristics of the bi-directional motor driver outputs L and R see the TB6612FNG datasheet.
Parameter Value Units
Max Input voltage 12 V
Min Input voltage 6 V
Max current OC1 and OC2 2 A
Max current I2C 5V supply 100 mA

Part List

1 x RaspiRobot v3 


This shield is designed to be used with low cost robot chassis to make simple autonomous robots such as the one shown to the right. The board has an accompanying Python library that can be found on GitHub here:

For any technical support or suggestion, please kindly go to our forum.


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