Supported Slide Rail - 15mm wide - 500mm long

Supported Slide Rail - 15mm wide - 500mm long

Riel de 15mm de ancho y 500mm de longitud, para plataformas de bolas recirculantes (no incluida), ideal para construir CNCs.

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Do the CNC electric-slide! To the left, now to the right. Now you have no excuse for not building that CNC robot. This is a 'supported style' 15mm wide slide rail makes adding linear motion control easy. This product is the slide rail itself only, it works perfectly with our 15mm Diameter Rail Larger Slider. Made of a precision stainless-steel precision railing. It is possible to cut it down to any size but you'll need tools that can cut hardened stainless steel.

The stainless steel rail is strong and straight but works best if bolted down. There are holes in the base for easy attachment to any metal or wood surface. Unlike our rounded rail, this style can support a platform of maybe 5 lbs without needing another support. For best stability, you'll want two of these and then two or more rail sliders for support. Note that these are 'hobby' grade slide rails, the slider only moves with force applied, such as a motor! They are pretty good quality and suitable for DIY robotics projects, but they're not going to have the same smooth action as high-grade (several $100) machine components.

Do not try to attach either slider onto the rail without the plastic insert! The insert keeps the ball bearings in while you fit the slider on. See the photos for more details on how to do this! If you lose a ball bearing or two, it'll still work but its best to keep them all in!



  • 500mm x 15mm / 19.7" x 0.6"
  • Between Holes: 53mm / 2.1"
  • Mounting Hole Diameters: 4.2mm / 0.2"
  • Weight: 726g

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