NRF905 wireless module

NRF905 wireless module

Módulo transceptor inalámbrico, basado en NRF905.


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Application areas:
Vehicle monitoring , remote control, telemetry, small wireless network, wireless meter reading , access control systems, paging , industrial data acquisition system, radio tags , identification, RF contactless smart cards, small wireless data terminals, fire safety systems, wireless remote control system , biological signal acquisition, hydrological and meteorological monitoring, robot control, wireless 232 data communications, wireless 485 / 422 data communications, digital audio , digital image transmission.
One tri-band transceiver operating frequency is internationally accepted ISM band 433/868/915MHz GMSK modulation, anti-interference ability , especially suitable for industrial control applications using DSS + PLL frequency synthesizer technology, high frequency stability excellent sensitivity , to - 100dBm low operating voltage (2.7V), low power consumption, standby only 1uA, low-power devices to meet the requirements of the maximum transmit power of +10 dBm with multiple channels ( up to 170 or more ) , especially to meet the needs of multi-channel work special occasions up to 76.8Kbps work rate
Minimum of external components (only 10 ) , the basic need to debug. As a result of low transmitting power and high receiver sensitivity design, without a permit , the use of open ground distances of up to 1000 m ** specific use of the environment and component parameters.
Electrical characteristics :
NRF905 working band : 433/868/915MHz
Number of channels : 170
Function: transmit / receive
Frequency stabilization mode : PLL
Modulation : FSK / GMSK
Maximum output power : +10 dBm
Sensitivity :-100dBm
Maximum operating rate : 76.8Kbit / s
Operating voltage :2.7 - 3 .3 V

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