14g Mini Servo

14g Mini Servo

Servo con reductor de engranajes metálicos, torque 1.5kgcm.


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 Feetech FS90MGR Metal 360 Rotation Servo 14g 1.8kg for Robot 

1.9g servo metal gear
2.Best choice for RC aircplane,robot arduino
3.Accessories attached


This servo is great for scanning type sensors, tiny robots, and more! Each servo comes with a variety of horns. The metal gears give this servo even more power and durability!
These servos use a standard PWM signal to control them. The Arduino does a great job of controlling PWM Servos, making it ideal for a variety of robotic projects. But sometimes powering these servos can be problematic. Powering servos from the Arduino's 5v regulator leads to underpowered servos, limited by both voltage and current. With other sensor systems, connecting a servo to an external power supply requires multiple cables or boards, defeating the purpose of a sensor shield.


  Feetech servo FS90MG SPEC                               
1. Apply Environmental Conditon    
No. Feetech FS90MG Specification  
1.1 Storage Temperature Range -20°C~70°C  
1.2 Operating Temperature Range -10°C~60°C  
2.Standard Test Environment    
No. Item Specification  
2.1 Temperature Range -10°C~60°C  
2.2 Humidity Range 65%±10%  
3. Mechanical Specification    
No. Item Specification  
3.1 Size 23.2*12.5*22mm  
3.2 Weight 14g  
3.3 Gear type 5 Metal Gear  
3.4 Limit angle 180°±5°  
3.5 Bearing DUAL BB  
3.6 Horn gear spline    
3.7 Horn type Metal  
3.8 Case Engineering plastics(Polyamide)
3.9 Connector wire FP: 240mm±5mm   JR: 300mm±5mm
3.10 Motor DC motor  
3.11 Splash water resistance No  
4.Electrical Specification    
No. Operat voltage 4.8V 6.0V
4.2 No load speed 0.12sec/60° 0.10sec/60°
4.4 Peak stall torque 1.5.kgcm 1.8kgcm
5.Control Specification    
No. Item Specification  
5.1 Command signal Pulse width modification
5.2 Amplifier type Analog controller  
5.3 Pulse width range 900~2100us  
5.4 Neutral position 1500usec  
5.5 Running degree 90°±3°(when 1000~2000usec)
5.6 Dead band width 8 usec  
5.7 Rotating direction Counterclockwise (when 1000~2000usec)



    • Dimensions:23.2 × 12.5 × 22 mm
    • Weight:14 g
    • Operating Speed :0.12sec/60degree (4.8V)0.10sec/60degree (6V)
    • Small Torque:
    • Operating Voltage :4.8V~6V
    • Control System :Analog
    • Direction :CCW
    • Operating Angle :360degree
    • Required Pulse :900us-2100us
    • Bearing Type :None
    • Gear Type :Metal
    • Motor Type :Metal
    • Connector Wire Length :20 cm

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