Shield para control de motores, diseñado para Spark Core y Photon.

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A simple to use motor shield for the Spark Core and Photon. This board is designed to simplify the process of making small roving robots using a Photon or Spark Core. The shield is designed to be used with low cost robot chassis to make simple autonomous robots.
  • Dual bi-directional motor control using TB6612FMG dual H-bridge
  • Dual open drain 2A MOSFET outputs
  • Socket for HC-SRo4
  • Socket for 5V I2C Interface
  • Provides 5V regulated power to Photon or Core
  • Max. Input voltage: 12V
  • Min. Input voltage: 6V
  • Max. Current M1 and M2: 2A
  • Max. current I2C 5V supply: 80mA
Part List:
1 x PhoBot v1.0
The board has an accompanying C library that can be found on GitHub here

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