Google CardBoard Advanced Version

Google CardBoard Advanced Version

Google CardBoard - Colocando tu dipositivo android o iPhone en él, podes comenzar un tour de realidad virtual.

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Compared with the famous virtual reality wearable gadget Oculus Rift, Google cardboard looks like a stumble packing paper at first glance. However, its simplicity makes it become one of the biggest surprises in Google I/O press event. Without any special hardware, you can directly fold the cardboards into its default shape. Just putting your android device, or iphone into it, you can start a virtual reality tour.
     This advanced version of Google Cardboard has more reliable quality, all same with office version and more solid.




  • Headband x1
  • Lens x2
  • Silver ring x1
  • Black ceramic magnets x1
  • Rubber band x1 and more
  • Bi-convex
  • Diameter 20mm
  • Focus Length 40mm
  • Machine Cutting Mould ( Not hand-cut or laser-cut )

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OpenHacks (12/02/2016 - 09:20)

Hola Agustín, hasta 5 pulgadas debería servir (según comentarios, hasta 5.5" aún funciona). Saludos!

Agustin (11/02/2016 - 18:11)

Buenas, este cardboard para celulares de hasta cuantas pulgadas sirve? Muchas gracias!