Makeblock Thread Drive Pack V2.0

Makeblock Thread Drive Pack V2.0

Kit de guía lineal con estructura de aluminio de extrusión y rodamientos de acero. Incluye motor.

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This Thread Drive Pack V2.0 includes all the parts to build a thread drive system, you can create a mini single thread mobile platform as bellows:
This Kit includes the Following Parts:
1. Fully Threaded Rod M4x192mm/M4x288mm
  • Made of steel, zinc plated.
  • Lengh: 192mm/288mm

2. Linear Motion Shaft 4x288mm

  • Made of tainless Steel Can drill into 4mm holes.
  • Compatible with Thread Drive Beam
  • Lengh: 288mm

3. Thread Drive Beam

  • Made from 6061 aluminum extrusion, anodized surface.Excellent strength and twist resistance.
  • With thread hole in the middle that compatible with the Fully Threaded Rod.
  • Other holes without thread can be drilled for 4mm shaft.
  • Threaded slot enables easy and flexible connection
  • Cross-sectional area 8x8mm, length 80mm

4. Universal Joint

  • Made from 6061 aluminum extrusion, anodized surface.Excellent strength and twist resistance.
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Max deflection angle: 45°
  • Size: D9*Φ4*Φ4*M3*L22mm
  • 2 Headless Set Screw included.
5. DC Motor-25 6V/185RPM
    Dc motors are the most commonly used motors in Makeblock Platform. With Makeblock DC Motor-25 Brackets, they may be easy to connet to Makeblock structural components.


  • 2 x Beam 0824-80
  • 2 x Beam 0808-192
  • 1 x DC Motor-25 6V/185RPM
  • 1 x DC Motor-25 Bracket
  • 1 x Universal Joint 4x4mm
  • 1 x Threaded Rod M4x192mm
  • 1 x Threaded Rod M4x288mm
  • 2 x Linear Motion Shaft D4x288mm
  • 1 x Thread Drive Beam M4x80
  • 10 x Socket Cap Screw M4x14
  • 4 x Countersunk Screw M3x8
  • 2 x Headless Set Screw M3x5


  • Test condition:
      Rated voltage: 6.0 V(DC);
      Ambient temperature:+25±3℃;  
      Ambient relative:60%±5%;
  • No-load characteristic:
      Reductionratio: 1:34;
      No load current:≦ 200 mA;  
      No load speed: 185 ±10%rpm;
  • Load characteristic:
      Rated torque: 1.5±;  
      Rated current:≦ 650 mA;  
      Rated speed: 135 ±10%rpm;  
      Stall torque: 4.5±; 
      Stall current:≥ 2.0 A;
  • Direction of Ratation:CCW
      Thrust play of shaft:0.05-0.5 mm;
      Radial play of shaft:≦ 0.02 mm;

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